AURORA Linden & Jasmine G


The scent of blooming linden, combined with intoxicating jasmine grandiflorum and fresh citrus notes accentuates beauty, sensuality and femininity. For confident and unstoppable women who dance through life and enjoy each moment.

Major notes: bergamot and petitgrain as a top note, jasmine grandiflorum, linden and neroli as a middle note, benzoin, sandalwood and vanilla as a base note

Scent: sweet floral, citrus, balsamic, with spicy undertones

Element: Fire

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Mind and Emotion

Uplifting, euphoric, aphrodisiac, balancing. Uses: low mood, depression, lack of self-esteem, low libido

Why Mood Fragrance?

Mood Fragrance Aurora, Linden & Jasmine G. is a 100 % natural scent. It is crafted with great precision, based on a tradition of botanical perfumery and aromatherapy. Wear it as a personal perfume that merges with the scent of your skin and balances emotions.

The aim of our Mood Fragrance is to implement mindfulness and being present in the moment. To truly experience the beauty of these scents take time and use them in your daily rituals. The scent creates memories, therefore it is crucial that you are fully relaxed when you use the scent for the first time. Observe, how the scent evolves on your skin. It is like thousands of molecules dancing!

The scent is subtle, meant to support you inner Self.


100 % natural, more than 99 % of ingredients are organic. The base is jojoba oil, which is nourishing to the skin.

What our customers say?

“I do not use perfumes. But your scents are something else! I love both scents, for me it works best when I use both at the same time.” Vida

“I received both samples today – wonderul scents. Equilibrium is exactly the scent I need. I already ordered a new product. ;)” Tatjana

“Truly mesmerizing scents. Congratulations! Very gentle, but deep. I am impressed. Keep doing the great work.” Ljubka
“Your products are a surplus of your work and knowledge. I test the scents gradually, like a good chocolate, I dive into them and the feeling they create. I travel and research, where those scents take me. Thank you. The packaging is very beautiful, elegant. Everything is thought out, congratiolations for good work.” – Sabina

I cannot describe with words how I fell in love with scents. Aurora is my favorite scent. What is truly fascinating is that I love it more with each day. This is my first time using natural fragrances. I bought Virago Room Mist, it is amazing, how the scent evolves. Keep up the good work!” – Katja

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