EQUILIBRIUM Lavender & Neroli


Subtilna botanična esenca v tvojem domu v hipu pričara vonj cvetočega Mediterana. Synergy of essential oils of lavender, neroli and red mandarin creates a feeling of inner peaxe and mystical equilibrium. A ticket to an unforgettable experience of all senses!

Major notes: lavender, red mandarin, petitgrain bigarde as a top note, neroli and roman chamomile as a mid note, benzoin, copaiba and vetiver as a base note

Scent: fresh, floral, citrus, herbal, with soft woody undertones

Element: water


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Mind and Emotion

Calming, antistress, sadative, harmonizing. Uses: stress, nervousness, anger, anxiety, insomnia.

The concenpt of a Room Mist

The scent takes us to another place in a moment. It is the invisible design in our home, that changes the vibration and feeling of the space. Embrace the power of scent and create a fresh look in your home, improve the well-being of the whole family and create pleasant memories of shared moments.

With Makosh Room Mist you will bring the scent of nature into your home and improve the quality of air. You will freshen the scent of your home and neutralize unpleasant odors.


100 % natural product, in a base of natural alcohol and neroli hydrosol.

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50 ml

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