EQUILIBRIUM Lavender & Neroli


Enter the state of peace and surrender to the Equilibrium of Life! The synergy of lavender, neroli and sandalwood is deeply soothing. It strenghtens the connection to oneself and creates an unforgettable experience of mystical equilibrium. Selected organic vegetable oils nourish and soothe the most demanding skin. Major notes: lavender, red mandarin, neroli, sandalwood Scent: fresh, floral, citrus, erbal, with soft woody tones Element: water

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Mind and Emotion: Calming, antistress, sedative, harmonizing. Uses: stress, nervousness, anger, anxiety, insomnia.

Body: Releases muscle pain and tension, expecially when pain is caused by stress and pressure.

Skin: Softens, nourishes the skin. Suitable for all skin types, including demanding and sensitive skin.

Skin feel: The oil absorbs fast and doesn’t leave skin greasy. It leaves skin soft and silky.

Equilibrium, Lavender & Neroli, Body and Hair Oil can be used in many ways. Use it to calm down and relax, to release the muscle tension and to nourish your skin and hair.

100 % natural, more than 80 % of organic ingredients.

“I was literally taken to another dimension by the scent of Equilibrium. I also applied it to my hair and enjoyed the scent on the pillow. Extraordinary.” Tanja

“Nina, thank you for such a beautiful package. One can feel the good energy that comes with products.😉 I ordered three scents in different versions and fell in love with Equilibrium!😍 But the other two are wonderful as well.” Nataša

“Thank you for the wonderful package! I love the scent! I keep my fists up that this brand would be “well received” so that we can pamper ourselves with premium products in the future.” – Darja

My morning ritual now is dry brushing, showering and applying Equilibrium body oil on wet skin. This is a top notch product, subtle scent, it absorbs immediately. 👏👏” – Andreja

“In the time after the virus, my skin was very dry. Since then I regulary do the dry brushing. The first time I applied the oil on my skin I felt like I was being transported into another place. The scent is balanced and round. It calls to self-care.” – Urša

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