VIRAGO Juniper & White Fir


Imagine you enter the forest – right from your living room. In this invigorating composition the aromas of juniper and white fir merge with woody accord and fresh citrus notes. Like music or a painting on your wall the scent changes the vibration of your home at an instant.

Major components: juniper, white fir and lemon as a top note, clary sage and ylang ylang as a middle note, patchouli and atlas cedarwood as a base note.

Scent: fresh, citrus, piney, resinous, with woody and balsamic undertones

Element: Air

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Mind and Emotion

This natural essential oils blend is stimulating, improves focus and revitalizes. Uses: lack of motivation, tiredness, exhaustion, low energy, lack of focus. Deepens breath. Detoxifiing for a head, full of restless thoughts.

The concent of a Room Mist

The scent takes us to another place in a moment. It is the invisible design in our home, that changes the vibration and feeling of the space. Use the power of fragrant mists Makosh, that will bring a new living experience into your home. Lively aroma improves well being of the whole family and creates pleasant memories of precious moments.

Virago Room Mist brings nature into your home and improves the air quality in the space. They are wonderful to freshen the air and neutralize unpleasant odors.


100 % natural product, in a base of natural alcohol and neroli hydrosol.

What our customers say?

“Al the scents, Equilibrium, Aurara and Virago, are pure ART 🏵 I spray Virago Room Mist on masks, it works wonderfully 👍” – Andreja

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