VIRAGO Juniper & White Fir


This aromatic blend will take to a walk into a mystic forest. Aromas of juniper and white fir merge with woody notes and fresh citruses. The aroma is invigorating, it gives energy and deepens the breath. The blend is a true detox for body and mind; it tightens and smoothes skin. Major components: juniper, white fir, clary sage, lemon Scent: fresh, citrus, Element: Air

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Mind and Emotion: Essential oil blend is stimulating and revitalizing. It improves focus and concentration. Uses: lack of motivation, tiredness, exhaustion, low energy, lack of focus. Deepens breath. Detoxifiing for a head, full of restless thoughts.

Body: Virago, Body and Hair Oil, soothes inflammation and relieves muscle tension. Stimulates lymph flow and eases respiratory conditions.

Skin: Cold-pressed vegetable oils stimulate circulation and tighten skin. This blend is particularly suitable for poor ciruclation and areas with cellulite.

Skin Feel: The oil is fast absorbing and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. When used regulary – in combination with massage brush – your skin will visibly improve elasticity.

Carefully planned composition of essential oils in combination with vegetable oils creates a multifunctional product: use it as a tonic and detoxs for Body and Mind.

100 % natural, more than 90 % of ecological ingredients.

I received samples and Virago Body and Hair Oil yesterday. I love the scents of Equilibrium and Aurora. But Virago … this one literally blew me away!🤩 I bought this oil as a present but I will soon order one for myself!😁Nina, you have created a premium collection. Thanks for the Christmas card, I show it to everyone.🥰 My son already took the seeds.😉… I will send you the picture of the plants next year.😊 – Nataša

Makosh… the name softly caresses. The story is beautifully composed, each step is thought through. It is beautiful – all the details, names of products, beautiful packaging … but what matters more than anything is that you truly believe in what you do, and the philosophy of your products is truly a part of you. The fruit of your hard work are beautiful products and I belive there are many to follow. So far, my winning product is VIRAGO ;)” – Marjanca

Few days ago I had received my Makosh package and it is hard to say which product I like most. Virago is a special forest symphony. There is something, I particularly like – when the fresh and resinous scent of needles disappears, a sweet scent emerges, that brings a little happy smile on your face. Equilibrium and Aurora are sensual scents. I would love to have them as a mist! Congratiolations for visual design, it is sophisticated, clean and very attractive. The name is sounding, I see it a a tree with strong roots and wide treetop. Like a real female Goddess.” – Mira

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