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    Body and Hair Oil

    100 ml

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Makosh is created for a modern woman who wants to bring nature, authenticity and self-care into her everyday life.

With her rare expertise Nina has created unique fragrancesthat elevate your emotions. It is a new movement that is based on aromachology and the art of perfumery, promoting well-being and deepening the sense of Self.

Equilibrium, Aurora and Virago is the trio of products that will bring a ray of light into a gloomy afternoot. Through scents and rituals we create a deeper connection to oneself.

Makosh awakens the invisible and creates a sense of Oneness with the nature.

Discover your unique beauty in being authentically you!

"I was literally taken to another dimension by the scent of Equilibrium. I also applied it to my hair and enjoyed the scent on the pillow. Extraordinary." Tanja

"The scents are beautiful ... I cannot explain the feeling, it is like floating. My heart beats in the rhythm of a big THANK YOU! I hope it says it all." Monika

"I have been looking for a natural fragrance or perfume that would suit my nose and body for many years, and I am really happy to find such in Slovenia!" Petra

"This is like an explosion of smell. It smells so beautifully natural, subtle and relaxing. I became an addict in an instant. Insane!" - Lidija

"The scent is sunny and relaxing at the same time. Exactly as I thought it would be. It is like the Universe has brought it to me." Andreja

"Your products are a surplus of your work and knowledge. I taste the smells gradually, like a good chocolate ... "

Makosh creates a sense of authenticity and connects with natural rhythms.

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